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Driven to be a volunteer but not sure where to start?
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Create an account

To become a volunteer you have to create an account.

Take a look at the terms of engagement

Roeselare Volunteers drafted four terms of engagement. Every volunteer has to stick by these rules.

  • You stick to your agreements.
  • You are sworn to secrecy about things you encounter during volunteering. Organisations will notify you about exceptions.
  • You behave yourself in a respectful manner.
  • You are aware of the legal stipulations.

Roeselare Volunteers drafted five terms of engagement. Every organisation is expected to stick by these rules.

  • You stick to your agreements.
  • You behave yourself in a respectful manner.
  • You respect every volunteers privacy.
  • You make sure every volunteer is covered by insurance.
  • You take care of supporting each and every volunteer. Volunteers are not free workers, but valued colleagues!

Search for vacancies

You can find an interesting vacancy in several ways...

  • Once you've created a profile you can pick from the following options:
    • Check out the vacancies best suited for you. Our system compares your profile with the open vacancies and automatically finds the best ones for you.
    • Look at the vacancies in the picture.
    • Look at the most recent vacancies.
  • Aside from that you can also take a test to see which vacancies are most interesting for you, you can use our search to look for vacancies. You can find the search at the top of the page, but also on your profile page and right below this text.

Check out vacancies

A good experience starts with finding something you are passionate about. In the section search for vacancies you can find out very easily which vacancies match your interests. Not sure what you're passionate about yet? We've made a test that can set you on the right path!


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